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Infants to 12 Years


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Monday – Friday: 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Lionheart Children’s Academy at 121 Community Church

Grapevine, TX’s Choice Child Care Program

Lionheart Children’s Academy stands as a leading child care program that builds self-confidence, creativity, and developmental growth in the children we serve. We understand your need for compassionate, nurturing child care and we’re happy to provide a program that will help your child bloom into a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted student. Our staff is fully licensed and certified in early childhood education and we have a commitment to providing loving, nurturing care for babies, toddlers, and elementary age children. We offer an exciting, engaging early childhood education that helps children improve their social skills, motor skills, and self-confidence. Find out more by visiting our church campus in Grapevine, TX today.

Compassionate Child Care

Our infant child care program provides a welcoming Christian environment where your baby can grow from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity. Our staff provides nurturing child development activities focused on creating experiences that invite exploration to support the rapid cognitive development taking place in these formative years. Your child’s day is filled with activities that incorporate creativity, discovery, and building self-confidence.

The grandmother smiling with his grand daughter at at Arlington, TX

Our program includes:

  • Experience Early Learning Curriculum
  • Bible stories and songs
  • Gross motor and fine motor development
  • Language development
  • Sensory play
  • Art and more!

The lion heart staff taking care of children

See Your Child Thrive and Develop

At Lionheart Children’s Academy, we believe children experience the world through supportive exploration and in doing so, understand their own self-worth. Our signature child care program not only offers compassionate care and guidance, but we also provide hands-on learning activities, social engagements, and learning through play that will help your child to develop cognitively, emotionally, and improve their motor skills.

Our program’s goals include:

  • Social/Emotional Development: awareness of self and others
  • Physical Development: learning about movement
  • Cognitive Development: learning about the world
  • Language Development: learning how to communicate
  • Spiritual Development: learning about God’s great love for them

Our staff is fully trained and certified in CPR, early childhood education, and has been thoroughly vetted. We have a passion for seeing children of all ages grow and develop physically, emotionally, spiritually, and cognitively and we’re happy to make accommodations for special requests. Contact us today for more information. Call or visit us in Grapevine, TX today.

Need financial assistance? Check out Child Care Associates to see if it’s a fit for your family. Download this flyer for more info (also available in Spanish).

Enrolling Children 6 Weeks – 12 Years

Infant Care, Full and Part-Time Preschool, Before & After School, and Summer Club for K – 12 Years