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It was late November 2017. I was a mom of a 2.5-year-old little boy with a new baby due to arrive any day. Amidst the typical holiday frenzy and third-trimester nesting, I found myself struggling to introduce my two-year-old to the real meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it.

Despite the fact that my son was so young and there was so much going on that season, it felt vital to me to set the tone for our holidays and ultimately lay the foundation for why we celebrate Christmas.

Enter Star From Afar.

I not-so-coincidentally stumbled upon their account on social media and was drawn to the intentional simplicity that their well-crafted nativity had to offer. I ordered our own kit, which was waiting for us on our doorstep when we brought our second son home from the hospital on December 5.

From that Christmas until now, Star from Afar has been a meaningful part of the Christmas rhythms in our home. The kids (we have four of them now) have always loved playing with the hearty nativity. They revel in searching for the star every morning and moving the wise men to it once discovered.

Our kids know that we are the ones who hide the star (and our eight-year-old often reminds us to hide it before bed), but more importantly, they understand the significance of the star and what it meant all those years ago.

Now that our two oldest are a bit older, we have also incorporated scripture into the tradition, reading the Christmas story each day after the kids have found the star and moved the wise men to it. The act of finding the wise men and moving them towards the star helps to underscore the true meaning of Christmas, and it is our prayer that having a built-in moment to read the story of Jesus’ birth each day throughout Advent will help to imprint that truth on each of our kids’ hearts.

I’m heading into this Christmas season as a mom of four with more chaos than ever, but also looking forward to continuing one of our favorite family traditions, Star from Afar.

If you’re like 2017 me – looking to ensure the true significance of the season is not missed amidst the holiday hustle and bustle – I encourage you to order one of your own kits and incorporate this tactical tool into your family’s Advent season. You’ll be glad you did.

-Ashleigh J, Marketing VP

We loved the Star From Afar so much as moms that we wanted to make sure Lionheart families have access to it, too! We are partnering with Star Kids Company for an Instagram promotion giving away two Star From Afar kits. Check it out! And if you’re not on Instagram or don’t win, not to worry! Star Kids Company is offering 20% off to all Lionheart families through November 20, 2023. Simply enter promo code LIONHEART at checkout.

Star From Afar Advent Tradition