School Age: Summer Club

The Pride: Summer Club


The Pride recognizes the challenge working parents face to find a program that keeps their children safe and engaged. The Pride is all of that and so much more.

We provide parents with flexible options, excellent care, and peace of mind so they can be effective in their workplace. With kids in mind, The Pride activities are both fun and meaningful.

The Pride Summer Club will include:

Lionheart Children's Academy Pride Summer Club
  • Exciting and purposeful field trips, both on-site and off-site, that engage children's imagination and promote learning.
  • Daily devotions that focus on relevant issues that school age children face.
  • Weekly chapel that is fun, interactive, and Bible-based.
  • Sports and team building activities that build character and promote positive relationships with their peers.
  • Themed projects that cultivate creativity and problem solving while celebrating each child’s unique gifts and contribution.
  • Academic enrichment activities that keep skills fresh and foster a continuing enthusiasm for learning.
  • Community outreach projects that teach children to give as well as receive.
  • Play time! Children need to play. Our facility provides a wonderful place for children to just be kids in a safe, loving environment.

To learn more about The Pride Summer Club, please contact us today. 

Kids Playing Hula Hoop at Lionheart Children's Academy